Oil Painters of the Art League

Beginning in September 2017, the Oil Painters of the Art League (OPAL) will be meeting at the SRAL studio on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 10am to 1pm. This new, special interest group will be open to all SRAL members who wish to learn the art of oil painting and to those painters who wish to expand their knowledge and skills.

OPAL will go beyond the standard practice of creating oil paintings in the studio. The group is expanding its scope to review the histories and techniques of artists from the past; examine oil paintings that have been selected based on artistic merit: and observe current trends, experimentation, and pathways that artists are pursuing.

To achieve this broad range of interests, OPAL will offer instruction in oil painting. Members can work on group projects and themes, or create their own designs. The group will utilize the vast resources of the SRAL library - with both books and DVDs; visit local museums, including those in Tucson and Phoenix; attend art openings; and view the artwork at local galleries and art shows. Members will be encouraged to enter art shows both open shows and juried/judged shows.

The purpose is to broaden the entire oil painting experience.

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Rich Metcalf

For more information about the OPAL group go to Opal .

Rich Metcalf.

Latest Update: 04/22/2017