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921 W. Via Rio Fuerte (Santa Rita Springs Social Center)
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The studio is open from 9 AM – 8 PM daily if a monitor is present. Monitor training is usually available following the monthly general meeting, see the Monitor's page.
For more information contact the President, Nancy Wesorick.

The Santa Rita Art League of GVR welcomes two-dimensional artists in any media and promotes an awareness, appreciation, and development of talent in various forms of visual art. Membership is open to all members and tenants of Green Valley Recreation, Inc.


Next General Meeting: Thursday, 8 March, 2018 at 1:00 PM, in the Anza Room.

Reminder: Please wear your name tag to meetings.

Upcoming General Meeting Speakers

8 Mar ’18    Tonja Sell    TBD    Anza Room
12 Apr ’18    John Schooley    WC    Anza Room
10 May ’18    TBA    No Scheduled Speaker    Anza Room

Board Meeting: The next board meeting will be March 22nd 2018 at 1:00 PM in the studio.

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Changes to the Main Studio Table Layout

On Thursday, January 25, 2018 the SRAL Board agreed that the table configuration in the Main Studio will change. The tables will be set facing the Gallery wall. This will make set-up easier for some of our special interest groups. All groups are welcome to move the tables to meet their needs but must return tables to the original configuration when finished.

GVR Santa Rita Springs Open House

Febuary 10, 2018, noon-3pm. All members are invited to attend. The Santa Rita Art League, Camera Club, Clay Studio and Computer Club will be open for this event.

Time Change for the April General Meeting

The April 12, 2018 General meeting will be at 10:00 am-noon. Notice the time change. The reason for this change is that GVR could not give us our room at the regular time. I realize this is not perfect. Unfortunately, SRAL has no control over this matter. I will be making many announcements about this change in future e-blasts and at meetings.

More Changes to Website

I have made some more upgrades to the website, again for the most part you should see no changes. If you see something that doesn't look right, let Skip know ASAP.


January's demo artist, Judy Wegenast, had a handout. If you did not get a copy and would like one click here.


Quail Creek Artists are looking for someone to take it over their oil painting classes. If anyone is interested in teaching there, please contact Dusty Friedman, President of the Quail Creek Artist Group at or (541) 582-0733.


Have you ever wondered what the Santa Rita Art League is about?

Was your first thought “Art?” Maybe it was people or friends. Well, that would be true but being a Club or organization of Green Valley Recreation means we must have a purpose and that is formally called our Mission.

Mission The mission of the Santa Rita Art League of GVR is to promote an awareness, appreciation, and development of talent for all two-dimensional fine art forms. This provides us with a vision and focus. Promoting… awareness, appreciation, and development of talent for all forms of two-dimensional fine art forms. How do we do this Promoting? Let us count the ways! Watch for Promoting… in our EBlasts!

Promoting… Our Studio! We are fortunate to have a well-equipped studio for the use of all our members. It has three rooms and a kitchen and library. We have tables, chairs, easels, matt making table, computer and printers, a printing press, lockers and slots to rent for storage, and so many other tools to help you with producing your art. It is a place for us to come to paint. This is where we go to meet other artists, make friends, take part in all the groups, workshops and activities we offer. We are warm and welcoming people like you!

Upcoming Speaker
Tonja Sell no picture available
Tonja Sell

She is a native of Northwestern Wisconsin and third generation artist. Her parents, Anton (Jim) and Sue Vojacek, are glass artisans and have operated the Oulu Glass Gallery for over 30 years. Her mother was the high school art teacher at Northwestern High School in Maple, WI while she was growing up, so she have always been surrounded by creativity.

Tonja left Oulu for the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 1986 and studied fine arts, drawing and illustration. For almost 30 years she has been exploring different mediums including painting and drawing in almost every media, ceramic sculpture, wet-felting, jewelry and more.

Tonja has been represented by galleries across the country and her work is in multiple private collections internationally. Some of her public work includes murals for the Carnegie Foundation, the Minnesota Discovery Center and public sculpture in the City of Duluth.

"I get lost in the works of Klimt and Degas, the romance of the Pre-Raphaelites, the figures Toulouse Lautrec and Egon Schiele. I am captivated by the human form, texture, layering and hidden images. Much of my work incorporates several media combined in unexpected ways. By working in mixed media I often build tactile surfaces that invite exploration. I want to pull you in, cause you to explore and move through my work. I work in several different media including all paint and drawing media, printmaking, ceramic sculpture, blown glass and more. I love trying new things and learning through experimentation."

Some of Tonja Sell’s work
Some of Tonja Sell’s work

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