Art League Academy

The Art League Academy will meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays beginning in January at 9 AM in the main studio. We shall offer 6 sessions (2 in January, 2 in February, and 2 in March) that will cover basic art instruction such as: intro to watercolor painting, intro to drawing, the basics of perspective, etc.

Experienced, art-instructor members, who have volunteered to share their expertise in various areas, using standard techniques and materials, will present the sessions. The sessions will introduce the participants to a specific field of art, how to use a certain medium, and/or how to use associated materials.

Each session will have a limited number of participants.

Sign up on this web page and please, contact Rich Metcalf to cancel if you cannot attend.

See you then,
—Rich Metcalf

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Latest Update: 02/25/2018