Abstract BRIGGade

Named after Eva Briggs, the Abstract BRIGGade encourages all artists interested in abstract art. Briggs, a vital force in the Santa Rita Art League of GVR, was honored as a “distinguished artist” from 1992 to 1995 by the Green Valley Art Council. She created a list of 52 things to consider when painting and called it a Manifesto for painting.

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Bonnie Nelson
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Nan Lux

For new people who have never been to a Briggs meeting we always like to have a show and tell. We like to work on a theme each month. You do not have to stick to that if you want to display another work. Great feedback is offered and help on developing your style and design.

Monthly Meetings

The Abstract BRIGGade meets once a month on the Friday after the SRAL general meeting. At the meeting, artists discuss their abstract art projects, give helpful critiques, talk about techniques and presentation of their work, plan shows, and exchange ideas that foster non-representational art.

For more information email Bonnie Nelson (or call 207-1895) or Nan Lux (or call 820-8031).

Next Meeting: Dec 15th, 9:30 AM at Santa Rita Art League of GVR studio.

You can see the winning entries for current and past shows at shows.

Latest Update: 11/04/2017