Criteria for Artwork Submitted to SRAL Exhibits

The membership of the Santa Rita Art League of GVR is encouraged to pursue all avenues of endeavor to create two-dimensional art. The Santa Rita Art League of GVR acknowledges the rich experiences of its membership and the limitations we experience in exhibitions.  Therefore, this document specifies the criteria for artwork submitted for exhibitions sponsored by the Santa Rita Art League of GVR.

Acceptable Artwork
ORIGINAL artwork that IS acceptable for a Santa Rita Art League event may include but is not limited to the following:
Paintings in wet media Original/unique prints Works in dry media
Watercolor Etchings & engravings Pastel
Egg tempera Wood & lino cuts Pencil
Encaustic Silk screen Charcoal
Oil (including water soluble) Lithographs Prismacolor
Acrylics (including gels) Monotype  
Colored inks    
Unacceptable Artwork
The following art forms are not acceptable for inclusion in a Santa Rita Art League of GVR event:

SRAL will accept only ORIGINAL artwork, conceived and created by the entrant.
“Original” means that if a painting is based on reference photographs, the photo reference must have been taken by the artist. If the artist is using other than their own photos, written permission must be provided at time of show photos off the Internet the artist needs to purchase an Extended Print License, not just a Standard Royalty free license. Please read the product license for each website to ascertain if you have the correct license. The Master’s show is exempt from the use of the photo criteria. Artwork created in workshops can be submitted to the Permanent Shows at Canoa Hills and Desert Hills only.

Hardware characteristics of acceptable art work:
Unless a painting is gallery-wrapped on a 1-1/2 inch deep canvas (or greater), it must be acceptably framed. Acceptable framing means:
Other characteristics:

Protective glass or acrylic cover
  • If the artwork surface is fragile (e.g., a watercolor, pastel, charcoal), it must have a glass or acrylic (e.g., Plexiglas) cover.
  • If any dimension is greater than 36 inches, glass is not allowed.
  • Watercolors and pastels, without glass or acrylic covers, may be protected with a chemical glaze.
Heavy wall frames
  • Hanging hardware shall consist of stranded or coated wire passed twice through screw eyes and twisted at least eight times or attached with a ferrule (compression fitting).
  • If using screw eyes, the screw eyes should not push the frame away from the wall. The screw eyes should be approximately 1/3 down from the top of the artwork, and the wire 2 to 4 inches from the top of the artwork when stretched taut.
  • The D-ring hangers should be 1/3 down from the top of the artwork, and the wire 2 to 4 inches from the top of the artwork when stretched taut. See Hanging Pictures.
Lightweight wall frames
  • When using a lightweight frame (watercolor, pastel, ink drawing, pencil, etc.), it is acceptable to use the hanging equipment provided by the manufacturer of the frame.
  • For artwork that lies close to the wall (e.g., box frames & cradleboards), sawtooth hangers are acceptable for lighter art pieces as they hug the board to the wall.
The artwork must hang nicely.
If you have questions about acceptable art or hardware, please contact the chairperson in charge of the event. To encourage members to actively create new pieces, it is suggested that a painting be shown in only one SRAL show.

Miscellaneous Criteria:

The opinion of the chairperson(s) of the event will determine whether or not a piece of art meets the criteria for acceptance within the above specified points.

Miscellaneous Criteria for Members’ Show beginning in 2013:

In the four-year history of the All-Members Show (and in at least one year of the members’ show that preceded this), there have been several people who have won two or more cash awards in consecutive years. There has been concern that this may discourage other members from entering the show. Therefore, the board passed a resolution that would still honor these winning artists, but give others an opportunity to receive the cash awards.

A special invitational category has been created as follows:

  1. Those who win cash awards two out of three consecutive years would be invited to exhibit one painting in a special category, “Winners’ Invitational”; they would not be juried.
  2. These invited exhibitors would not be eligible for the juried awards for two years, but would be invited for both of those years as in 1.
  3. They would be eligible for the “People’s Choice” award.
  4. There would be special signage and other recognition for these artists.

It is felt that attaining this invitational status would add to the artist’s prestige.

Adopted March 2018 by SRAL Board of Directors.

Latest Update: 04/12/2018