Desert Doodlers
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Patricia Chaloux

Mission Statement, Desert Doodlers.
The mission of the Desert Doodler Group is to provide a venue for anyone interested in challenging their creative spirit through doodling: repetitive, meditative lines and patterns. We will share doodling ideas, techniques and materials information and provide encouragement and support in a relaxed, social environment.

What is It? Doodling can be the use of random patterns, lines and shapes that you draw while doing other things (talking on phone, waiting for appointment, traveling, etc.) Or, you can make very elaborate doodles to create a fine work of art. No experience in art or doodling is required to be part of this group. We, as a group, will help newcomers get started and provide basic pattern information.

General. The Group meets all year most Wednesdays, from 1-3 PM in the Studio. Meetings start promptly at 1:00 PM with show and tell of what members are working on and to obtain feedback and ideas. We spend the remainder of our time doodling, sharing ideas, techniques and materials information, and providing encouragement and support in a relaxed, social environment!

The Group also has a site on Facebook entitled Artists Connected where you can see some of our latest work. If you have items you want posted on the page, send photos of your work to Patricia Chaloux in a ready to publish form. Photos of your work are always welcome!
Contact Patricia Chaloux ((860) 930-8621) for more information.

Links: Below are some links to help get you started:

Doodle Examples

You can get a copy of the Doodle Examples handout here. This provides examples of basic ‘tangle’ patterns to get you started.

Our group is growing and everybody is excited about all the diverse talent. Each one brings their own style to the table. We would encourage you to stop in and join us for a time of developing new skills, techniques and encouragement. We look forward to seeing you.


Latest Update: 01/13/2018