Frequently Asked Questions
How much are dues?
$35/calendar year.
What if I don’t join in January?
Anyone who has NOT been a member previously and signs up in October is covered through the following year. Renewals are due by the end of the calendar year. Those who have not renewed their membership by the January General Meeting will be dropped from membership. These dates also apply to locker and slot rentals.
What do I get for my dues?
  • You may attend all workshops, General and Board Meetings.
  • You will receive your very own badge!
  • You will be able to participate in the Members, Briggs and Open Shows.
  • You can participate in displaying your art at various social centers in Green Valley.
  • You will be able to participate in special interest groups.
  • You will receive eBlasts via email.
  • Use of the studio.
  • Use of the studio library.
  • Use of the studio computer.
What’s available in the Studio?
Library, Coffee, Refrigerator, Microwave, Music, Computer, Printer/Copier, DVD Player, Easels, Matt Cutter, Camera and Projector, friendly and helpful people.
A limited number of lockers and drying slots are available for rent.
How do I get a locker/drying slot?
Fill out an application and leave it on the desk in the studio.
What is a drying slot?
They are narrow slots above the lockers for storage of wet canvases.
How much are lockers and slots?
$20 per calendar year for a locker and $15 per calendar year for a drying slot.
Why are lockers and drying slots separate?
Not everyone who has a locker needs or uses the slots and vice versa. Also there are not as many slots as there are lockers.
How do I sign up for classes and workshops?
See Classes and Workshops.
What is a mini-workshop?
These are free workshops usually given by a member of SRAL.
Are there any special interest Groups?
There are the following groups: Clicking on the names will take you to pages that describe each group. All groups are open to all SRAL members.
How do I become a monitor?
See Studio Monitor’s Page.
How do I dispose of used solvent?
DO NOT POUR SOLVENTS DOWN THE SINK! Also do not use the kitchen sink for clean up of brushes and other painting materials, it is a safety hazard. There are utility sinks in each room that have containers next to them for turpenoid, mineral spirits etc. If you are using Acrylics pour your used water into the blue buckets that are under the sinks. Watercolor rinse water may, however, be put down the drain (except in the kitchen).
What do I do with solvent and oil soaked paper towels?
In the back room is a red can marked for oily waste, please place used disposable palettes, paper towels and rags that have solvent or oil on them in that container.
What do I do with water miscible oil waste?
Treat it the same as oil painting waste.
How do I make coffee?
  • If it is the first thing in the morning turn on the large toggle switch so the red power light comes on, add water if it is low (see below) then wait 15 minutes until the water is hot.
  • Check the level in the sight glass above the hot water spigot. If it is not full SLOWLY add water until it is, be sure there is a pot under the basket in case you add too much water.
  • When the water is hot put a filter and 3 rounded scoops of regular or decaf coffee in the basket (less if not making a full pot).
  • Place the appropriate carafe underneath (the decaf has an orange dot on the handle). Fill the other carafe with water, measure using the markings labeled WATER not COFFEE.
  • Pour the water into the rectangular, screened hole in the top. Turn on the bottom warming plate.
  • DO NOT REMOVE the pot before the coffee is done, about 5 minutes.
  • When leaving in the afternoon turn off the large toggle switch so NO lights are on.
The coffee is next to the coffee maker: the green can is decaf, the brown can is regular. Full, unopened cans of coffee, extra sweetners and creamer are kept in the cabinet below the coffee maker. If any supplies are getting low, please notify the monitor. Please clean up after yourself.
Where do I get hot water for tea?
On the front of the coffee maker on the right side is a spigot for hot water. AFTER drawing out hot water you will need to add water to the reservoir. SLOWLY add water to the rectangular screened hole on top until the blue "Add Water" light goes out, be sure there is a pot under the basket in case you add too much water. Also, you can watch the level change in the sight glass above the hot water spigot. Tea bags can be found in the cabinet above the coffee maker along with cups.
How do I sign up for a show?
See Shows
What is the studio phone number?
(520) 547-3976 for other phone numbers see Contacts.

Latest Update: 02/25/2018