Green Valley, Arizona

Section 1. Name
Section 2. Mission

Section 1. Membership
Section 2. Dues
Section 3. Meetings and Member Responsibilities

Section 1. Members of the Board
Section 2. Responsibilities of the Board
Section 3. Meetings of the Board

Section 1. Officers
Section 2. Duties
Section 3. Election and Terms of Officers

Section 1. General
Section 2. Annual Abstract Art Competition Chairperson
Section 3. Annual Members Show Chairperson
Section 4. Hospitality Chairperson
Section 5. Librarian
Section 6. Lockers and Slots Chairperson
Section 7. Membership Chairperson
Section 8. Mini Workshop Chairperson
Section 9. Monitor Coordinator
Section 10. Nominating Committee
Section 11. Open Shows Chairperson
Section 12. Publicity Chairperson
Section 13. Special Interest Groups
Section 14. Studio Coordinator
Section 15. Webmaster/Calendar






Green Valley, Arizona



SECTION 1. Name - The name of this non–profit organization is “THE SANTA RITA ART LEAGUE of GVR” of Green Valley, Arizona, also referred to herein as “The League.”

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SECTION 2. Mission - The mission of the Santa Rita Art League of GVR is to promote an awareness, appreciation, and development of talent for all two-dimensional fine art forms.

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SECTION 1. Membership - Members are persons who desire to actively support the mission of The League by participating in meetings and activities. Members may be amateur or professional. Members are required to pay dues annually to maintain membership. Members have the right to:

  1. Vote at meetings
  2. Hold office
  3. Participate in all activities of The League
  4. Receive E-Blasts

Any GVR (Green Valley Recreation, Inc.) member or tenant in good standing may become a Member by completing a membership application and paying annual dues. Membership terminates by request or failure to pay dues. An eligible guest must live outside a 20-mile radius of the GVR boundaries. (The League may grant guest privileges at their own discretion, as long as the guests are eligible GVR guests. According to GVR regulations the League may not grant honorary membership or the equivalent to anyone not a GVR member). All Members shall abide by published GVR rules and regulations and the Member Code of Conduct. A guest with GVR privileges may attend two monthly meetings without joining the League.

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SECTION 2. Dues and Fiscal Period -

  1. The fiscal year shall be January 1 to December 31. A year-end financial statement shall be filed with GVR by The League on or before January 17 each year.
  2. Annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors, subject to approval of the membership.
  3. Annual dues are due and payable before December 31 each year and cover the period January 1 to December 31.
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SECTION 3. Meetings and Member Responsibilities - Members meet monthly through the year. An official meeting will only be conducted if there is business to be transacted, such as election of Officers. Routine business will be conducted by the Board of Directors. Fifteen percent (15%) of the membership constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business at any official meeting. The following agenda should be followed:

  1. Reports from Officers and committee chairs only if there is important information to be presented.
  2. Election of Officers.
  3. Programs presented by Members or guests.
  4. Changes to dues’ structure.
  5. Other matters scheduled on the agenda or raised from the floor by Members.

Each Member shall have one (1) vote. Official meetings may be called by The League President, at the discretion of the Board, when necessary or upon petition of twenty percent of Members. If possible each Member should be notified at least two weeks before Official meetings. The notice will include the purpose, time and place of the Official meeting.

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SECTION 1. Members of the Board - The Board shall consist of the elected Officers and chairs of standing committees. The Officers (Executive Board) consisting of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are proposed by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Members. Additional chairpersons can be appointed as needed. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the First Vice President and at least two non Board members. Each Board member should have a copy of and be familiar with these Bylaws and her/his assigned position description. The election of Board members will take place in November and new Officers will take office in January. See Article IV, Section III for Elections and Terms of Officers.

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SECTION 2. Responsibilities of the Board - The control and management of The League shall be vested in the Board of Directors. Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Determine and publish the organization’s mission and set policies for its operation.
  2. Develop plans and goals (short and long term) for the organization to accomplish and evaluate progress.
  3. Establish fiscal policy for the organization, ensuring that there are financial controls and stability.
  4. Ensure that a communication link is maintained with the members, GVR and the community.
  5. Ensure that the provisions of these Bylaws are followed or are updated to reflect changes.
  6. All activities of this League and its members shall be in accordance with the published Bylaws, Policies and Code of Conduct of Green Valley Recreation, Inc.

Every decision made by the majority of the Directors present at any meeting held in which there is a quorum shall be deemed to be binding on the organization. Directors shall receive no compensation for their services. A majority of the Executive Board is required to authorize any member of the Board to enter into any contract or execute any instrument in the name of the Board on behalf of The League. Unless so authorized by the Executive Board, no Officer or any member shall have any power or authority to bind The League by any contract or agreement or to pledge its credit or to render it liable for any purpose or to any amount.

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SECTION 3. Meetings of the Board - The board shall meet monthly, except when canceled by the President. Meetings will normally be conducted two weeks after the general meeting of members. A predetermined time and place shall be established by the President with the consent of the majority of the Board present. A quorum shall consist of two thirds (2/3’s) of the Board members.

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SECTION 1. Officers (Executive Board) - The positions shall include: President, First Vice-President/Nominations Chair, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. A Nominating Committee, led by the First Vice President, will prepare a slate of Officer Candidates prior to elections. Additional candidates may be nominated from the floor before the vote is conducted during the annual meeting of Members. If there is more than one candidate for a particular office, the vote will be conducted by secret ballot. The Nominating Committee will count the ballots.

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SECTION 2. Duties - The Officers shall preside at all meetings of both the Members and the Board of Directors as follows:

a. President.

The President shall provide leadership consistent with these Bylaws, policies and rules of The League. The President shall, subject to the control of the Board, have all of the general powers and duties which are usually vested in the office of President including, but not limited to the power to appoint committees from among Members or Directors at his/her discretion in order to conduct the affairs of The League. The President, or representative, shall represent The League in community activities concerning the League. The President shall acquire a working knowledge of parliamentary procedures. The President shall ensure that arrangements are made for tables, chairs, and speaker podium/announcing system for the General Meeting.

b. First Vice-President/President Elect/Nominations Chair.

In the absence of the President, the First Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President; act as hostess/host for The League at regular meetings and special functions, and cooperate with the hospitality chair; count members present to determine if there is a quorum; be responsible for communications to the membership; select and be responsible for the Nominating Committee; and perform other duties as may be assigned by the President.

c. Second Vice-President.

The Second Vice-President shall be the Program Chair, and be responsible for the development of all programs of The League including arrangements for cameras, computers, projectors and easels for General Meeting and demonstrations and workshop programs. In the absence of the President and the First Vice-President the Second Vice President performs duties of President, and shares responsibility for layout of the facility.

d. Secretary.

The Secretary shall be responsible for recording, publishing and distributing to Board members, minutes of each meeting of the Board of Directors, and a brief summary of General Meetings if requested by the officiating Officer. The Secretary shall be in charge of maintaining a file of official documents, letters, and non-financial records; answer all correspondence; and read minutes of a previous meeting.

e. Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall arrange for a bank account in a bank approved by the Board of Directors and shall annually arrange with the bank the signing officers for The League. The Treasurer is responsible for: The League’s funds; keeping full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements in records belonging to The League; depositing all monies with such depositories as designated by the Board; providing written and verbal financial reports at each meeting of the Board and any members upon request; and filing the year-end financial statement with GVR on or before January 17 each year. At the discretion of the Board, the financial records shall be reviewed by a person designated by the Board. A notation concerning the results of the audit or review shall be recorded in the minutes of the subsequent meeting of Members. The Treasurer shall file a year-end financial statement with GVR.

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SECTION 3. Election and Terms of Officers - The election of new Officers will be held in November to coincide with the current fiscal year. The present Officers will remain in office until January 1, at which time the new Officers will begin their term. Officers shall be elected for a term of one year. The President and the First and Second Vice-Presidents may be re-elected for up to 3 consecutive terms. There are no limits on the number of consecutive terms the Secretary and Treasurer may serve. Any vacancy in the Officers (Executive Board) caused by death, resignation or disability shall be filled by appointment by the President with the concurrence of the Board.

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SECTION 1. General - Each chairperson below will select a sufficient number of members to carry out the responsibilities of her/his committee. A detailed description of each chairperson’s responsibilities will be maintained in the chairperson’s files and all chairpersons’ responsibilities will be maintained in the records of the President.

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SECTION 2. Annual Abstract Art Competition Chairperson - Is responsible for organizing a committee and arranging the “Annual Eva Briggs’ Art Competition”, with approval of the Board of Directors on all aspects.

SECTION 3. Annual Members Show Chairperson - Is responsible for organizing a committee and arranging the “Annual Members Show Competition” with the approval of the Board of Directors on all aspects.

SECTION 4. Hospitality Chairperson - Is responsible for the social hour at general meetings and any special function. This responsibility includes refreshments and clean up after League functions.

SECTION 5. Librarian - Is responsible for the management of the physical library as well as the library database on the website.

SECTION 6. Lockers and Slots - Is responsible for managing Locker and Slot assignments and is the focal point for processing the applications, updating that section of the The League’s website, collecting the yearly fees, and keeping the locker and slot name tags current.

SECTION 7. Membership Chairperson - Is responsible for registering guests, recruiting new members, renewing sustaining memberships, issuing name badges to new members, and keeping an accurate alphabetical directory of all members.

SECTION 8. Mini Workshops - Is responsible for securing member instructors, reserving class space, posting available free workshops to members and acting as the communication link between members and instructors.

SECTION 9. Monitor Trainer - Is responsible for being familiar with the “Monitor Instructions” and ensuring that members are trained accordingly. If there is no Monitor signed up, the Studio cannot be open. (See separate “Monitor Instructions”).

SECTION 10. Nominating Committee - A Nominating Committee shall be formed by the First Vice President and shall meet as needed during the year to propose a slate of Officers (Executive Board) and to fill vacancies on the Board as needed.

SECTION 11. Open Shows Chairperson - Is responsible for planning, and implementing The League’s exhibits at Open Shows.

SECTION 12. Publicity Chairperson - Is responsible for arranging for all publicity for The League, such as: preparing articles for the Green Valley News and Sun to announce meetings in the “Meetings column”; creating announcements of members’ art exhibits in the Annual and Weekly Cultural Calendar; and preparing publicity for special events sponsored by The League, placing them in GVR’s GVR Now! “Keeping Current” and other relevant publications.

SECTION 13. Special Interest Groups - May form and continue as long as there is interest and leadership. Leadership is selected from or by the group. The leaders may participate in Board meetings to address concerns as related to their groups.

SECTION 14. Studio Coordinator - Is responsible for the smooth functioning of the Studio ensuring the equipment and supplies are sufficient for the members use.

SECTION 15. Webmaster/Calendar - Is responsible for developing and maintaining the website with current information as provided to him by Officers, committee chairs and members of the League.

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Donations to The League from sales of paintings at The League’s sponsored showings shall be determined by the Board.

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These Bylaws will be the governing document for the organization and operation of The League. The Board of Directors or any regular Member may propose changes or amendments to this document. If the majority of the Board of Directors agrees to a proposed change, the proposed change will be made available to Members at least 2 weeks prior to voting. Any changes to these Bylaws must be approved by GVR. Approval by at least two thirds (2/3’s) of the Members present at the meeting is required for the change to be adopted.

Inspection of Bylaws. An original copy of these Bylaws shall be maintained in the Studio at Santa Rita Springs (on the website), the Secretary’s files, and a copy in the President’s files. Each Board member shall be provided with a copy of these Bylaws by the Secretary. The Secretary should have a copy available at each meeting for review by Members.

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If The League should dissolve, the Board of Directors will propose a plan to the Members for liquidation of funds and assets at a Official Meeting called by the President. Members will be notified of this Official Meeting by letter postmarked 30 days in advance of the meeting and addressed to their address of record. Upon dissolution of the The League, any assets, after all bills have been paid, shall be transferred to GVR.

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The undersigned, being the President and Secretary of The League, do hereby certify that the foregoing "Bylaws of the Santa Rita Art League of GVR of Green Valley, Arizona" supersede all previous versions and amendments of the "Constitution of the Santa Rita Art League of GVR" and "Bylaws of the Santa Rita Art League of GVR of Green Valley, Arizona" dated prior to this date and further certify that these Bylaws have been approved by at least two thirds (2/3’s) of Members present at the meeting this date.

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November 2016

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