SRAL's New Donation Policy

Santa Rita Art League is an organization whose mission is to promote awareness, appreciation and development of talent in all two-dimensional fine art within Green Valley Recreation.

In keeping with this mission it is felt that the limited Studio/Gallery wall space should be used to display paintings of current members reflecting their work and the activities that are currently taking place. Further, Studio/Gallery space, storage space and our ability to ensure the safety and security of donated paintings is limited.

The League will continue to accept gifts of art supplies and equipment for the use of the studio, if needed, and for dispersal to members for cash donations.

After April 1, 2016 the League will no longer accept donations of paintings by members or families of deceased or former members to hang in the Studio/Gallery. Any paintings that have been donated prior to April 2016 will continue to be displayed.

The League recognizes and treasures the contribution our members have given to our growth and success in fulfilling our mission and the memories of their presence in our lives.

Latest Update: 04/22/2017