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To search for books in the library, select either Author, Category, Keyword or Title. Other options appear depending on the choice made. You may also limit the search to books or DVDs, if you choose neither it defaults to both.

If you choose Author then you will have the option of entering first and last name. You do not need to capitalize the names or even enter the entire name. It will find all instances that match what you entered. If you do not enter any name it will match ALL names.

If you choose Category then a drop down list of choices will appear. If you do not select any Category it will match ALL Categories.

If you choose Keyword then five drop down lists of choices will appear. The Keywords are the same in all the drop down lists. Choose keywords from one or more of the drop down lists and items matching any of the keywords chosen will be listed. If you do not select any Keyword in any of the lists it will match ALL items.

If you choose Title then you will be presented with a text box for entering the Title. You do not need to capitalize or enter the entire Title. It will find all instances that contain what you entered. If you do not enter any Title it will match ALL Titles.

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Please remember to enter books and DVD's you checkout into the computer, see Library Check In/Out for directions. When returning a book please put it back on the correct shelf. Books and DVD's are limited to a 3 week checkout period.

If you have questions or suggestions for books or DVD's you would like added to the library send an email Alice McKenzie or Veronica Johnson

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Latest Update: 01/13/2018