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Monitors Schedule

There is a sign up sheet for monitoring in the studio. Once you have been trained you can sign up to monitor. Place your name next to the time you wish to monitor.

Monitor’s Handbook.
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Deborah Gregory
From the Head Monitor

Serving as monitor is a rewarding commitment to SRAL. Our studio is a wonderful environment to enjoy your favorite hobby. Thank you for monitoring.

If you are unable to honor a Monitor commitment please trade or find a replacement. If a difficult situation occurs you may need to have me find a replacement for you.

Please check the Website Calendar for events. Our workshops and classes may be scheduled after you sign-up. In such case your presence may not be needed, however, you may stay if you wish.

In the case of cancellations of scheduled events or a change in the Monitor Schedule please notify Deborah, Head Monitor to make the change.

Thank you

Deborah Gregory, 425-647-7927

Latest Update: 01/13/2018