Photographing Paintings

Difficult but doable if you have a digital camera. For an in depth discussion go to How to Photograph Art or HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR OWN ARTWORK. For a YouTube video of how to do it see Otis: Digitally Photographing your own Two-Dimensional Art. If you search the internet for "photographing your own art" you will find many others.
For an excellent tutorial on digital photography, including resizing, see Becky Neideffer's paper.
If you already have a photo and just need to resize it an excellent program for doing so is picture resizer.

Having Your Paintings Professionally Photographed

There are several places that do it, they are expensive (~$35/painting). The following two are used by members of  Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild (SAWG) and Contempory Artists of Southern Arizona (CASA):

Having Your Paintings Photographed at the Studio

A reasonable compromise. Several members of the Camera Club have agreed to photograph our paintings for us for a small donation. Sign up for our next shoot by emailing Bonnie Roberts or call her at 777-3326.

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Bonnie Roberts

Latest Update: 01/13/2018