Pricing Your Paintings

How Much Should I Charge for My Painting?

This is an especially tough question if you have never sold a painting. Such things as size, media, is it framed, the number of paintings you have already sold and topic all come into play. Unless you are already famous the one thing you probably should not consider is how long it took you to paint it. A good article about pricing your paintings is Price Your Art Realistically . Other good articles are The Ten Commandments of Art Pricing or How to Set a Price For a Painting .

The one thing you will not find in any of these articles is a hard and fast dollar amount. It still comes down to what you think it is worth. The app below will calculate a price based on gallery percentage, materials cost (frame, canvas, paint, etc.), a price per square inch (what you think it's worth), and size. The results are rounded up to the nearest $10 multiple. The algorithm multiplies height times width times price per square inch, adds in material costs then divides by 1 minus the gallery percentage (expressed as a fraction) then rounds up the result. This is virtually the same formula used in the following article by Lori Woodward: Artist Network Article.

To use calculator:

The program will tell you what you need to ask for the painting in order to receive your price per square inch.

Gallery Percentage %

Material Costs $ Price Per square inch $

Unframed Size: (H) X (W)

Ask $ for the painting. You will get $

Latest Update: 04/22/2017