In the Studio
Location: 921 W. Via Rio Fuerte in the Santa Rita Springs social center of Green Valley Recreation, Inc. (Map)

Hours are 9 AM – 8 PM daily if a monitor is present. Some groups will also meet in the studio so before going to the studio, call 547-3976 to confirm that a monitor is on duty.

The Santa Rita Art League of GVR maintains a working art studio open weekdays to all members and all media. In addition, artists with similar interests meet some mornings or afternoons to focus on a particular art specialty. All SRAL members are welcome to come in and work on individual projects or to join the special-interest groups.

Volunteer monitors oversee day-to-day operations, and a monitor must be present during open hours. To take a turn as a monitor, please contact the Head Monitor Deborah Gregory 425-647-7927.

The studio has one large and two smaller rooms for painting. Facilities also include sinks, a kitchenette, easels, the library, rentable drying racks and lockers, an opaque projector, a video projector, a computer for logging in, book/DVD check in and out, checking this website and looking up references, color copier for art related copying, a still life staging table, print making table, spotlights and a mat cutter.

Important: Solvent fumes are a health hazard, to minimize exposure the back two rooms of the studio are equipped with special exhaust fans. Anyone using solvents should do so only in the back two rooms, keep their solvent covered unless actually dipping into it and dispose of used solvent in the closed containers provided. The more hazardous solvents are not allowed at all, please see Painting Hazards for a list of acceptable solvents for use in the studio and suggestions about how to avoid the use of solvents all together.

Studio Locker and Slot Rentals

The Santa Rita Art League of GVR Studio has a limited number of lockers for rent to those who paint at the studio and wish the convenience of keeping supplies there. The yearly rental fee is $20. Slots for leaving wet paintings, canvases and other large flat supplies are for rent for the yearly fee of $15. Fees are due by the January general meeting and if not paid by the February meeting, lockers and slots will be emptied and given to the next person on the waiting list.
You may rent a locker or slot by filling out an application form and paying the appropriate fees. Forms are available on this website and at the studio. You may bring your application and fees to the general meeting or leave it at the Studio for Valerie St. Marie.
If lockers or slots are filled you will be called when one is available.
For questions and more information call Valerie St. Marie at (303) 570-5732 or email her.

Notes from the Studio Coordinator

Studio monitors take note: Membership badges are located on the studio desk for those who may need to pick them up. If you have suggestions or comments on the Gallery, library, or other studio-related items, contact Terry Sapak.

Signs for the exhibition area of each group are hung.

Each group can hang their own works; the hangers are accessible, and there isn’t a need for special arrangements.

The leader of each group can encourage participation and welcome anyone outside their core group to join the special displays which might generate interest in group membership.

We’ll try this and see how it works out - it will give the Special Interest Groups within the Art League an opportunity to display the results of their collaborations.

So get out your brushes and paint! If you have any suggestions for the studio or would like to help hang in our “Gallery” please contact Terry Sapak.

Latest Update: 12/30/2017